jane eunji kim

wait, who ?

jane is an artist

self-portrait of artist jane e kim holding up an old telephone with the phone cord wrapped around her purple hair

jane e kim is an artist from Silicon Valley.
She makes art about things that make her cry.

She is interested in examining social issues, exploring new creative ways to share the invisible stories of underrepresented folks through her art and research. Her work involves people — our relationships with one another and the experiences we share.

Her style is colorful and experimental, as she enjoys playing with diverse mediums to express her ideas. Her projects take form in both virtual and physical spaces, from unconventional websites and videos to wearable pieces and interactive installations.

In addition to her art practice, jane is also passionate about empowering the youth through the arts. She has taught art at UCLA Lab School, Hammer Museum, and Ad Astra School @ SpaceX. She is a Saul Zaentz Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Harvard University, MEd - Arts in Education
UCLA, BA - Design & Media Arts